以下是Maclean.Liu 编写或收集的数据库升级(Upgrade)与补丁(patch fix)方面的知识:


甲骨文发布2012 1月数据库安全补丁Critical Patch Update January 2012
Oracle数据库版本10.2实际进入扩展支持Extended Support周期
Patch Set Update and Critical Patch Update October 2011补丁更新发布了 Patch Set – List of Bug Fixes by Problem Type
快速升级Oracle RAC到11.2.0.3
Upgrade GI/CRS to Hanging
Oracle补丁集的补丁号Patch ID/Number速查
Oracle 11gR2发布11.2.0.3 Patchset补丁集-又一重量级更新
Slide:11g新特性-在线实施补丁online patching
Slide:如何安装Oracle one-off 临时小补丁及注意事项 by Maclean.liu
Slide:了解Oracle critical patch update
Slide:Upgrade GI/CRS to in Linux
Slide:Upgrade RAC DB/RDBMS to in Linux By Maclean
Upgrade DB/RDBMS to in Linux
Upgrade GI/CRS to in Linux
Applying 11G R2 GI PSU
Critical Patch Update July 2011 Released
了解Oracle Critical Patch Update
Pre-check while you are applying one-off patch
Advise on OS patch upgrade with RAC
Oracle Patch Set Update and Critical Patch Update April 2011 Released
11g新特性:Rolling Upgrade With Physical Standby
Patch your 10g Oracle database to PSU
7月最新发布10. Patch Set Update
Oracle Exadata Database Recommended Patch (BP3) for Bug 10387939
Startup Upgrade为我们做了什么?
深入理解Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
Script to Collect DB Upgrade/Migrate Diagnostic Information (dbupgdiag.sql)
介绍dbms_registry PL/SQL程序包
Applying online patch on 11gr2
January 2011 Patch set Update发布
Advice on upgrading to and converting to RAC
Oracle 9iR2 RAC to Oracle 10gR2 RAC Upgrade
Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g
Database Upgrade using Transportable Tablespaces
Upgrading to 11g–Why,How and Best Practices
Upgrade from Oracle Database 10g to 11g:What to Expect From the Optimizer
Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g: Single Instance to RAC & ASM
Applying Database PSU
Oct 12: Patch Set Update Released
Oracle Critical Patch Updates Unwrapped补丁集安装体验
Upgrading to RAC 11g R2 What you should know
Oracle 9i/10g/11g数据库升级路线图总览
opatch java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space错误一例






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