Oct 12: Patch Set Update Released

一周不关注MOS就变得落伍了!在上周的Oct 12,Oracle分别发布了10.2.0.4 Patch Set的PSU 6(和10.2.0.5的第一个PSU。补丁更新集包含了所有10.中的fix,此外添加了CPU(Critical Patch Update) For October 2010 (CPUOCT2010);而10.则包含了Critical Patch Update for October 2010 (CPUOCT2010),并修复了以下bug:

Bug:6402302  Streams table and schema rules not consistently applied for DDL on view/synonym
Bug:7519406  Larger trace than needed for ORA-8103 under kteincnt1
Bug:8544696  Table segment growth (blocks are not reused) with ASSM
Bug:8546356  ORA-8102/ORA-1499/OERI[kdsgrp1] Composite Partitioned Index corruption after rebuild ONLINE in RAC
Bug:8664189  OERI [kdiss_uncompress: buffer length] on key compressed index
Bug:9711859  ORA-600 [ktsptrn_fix-extmap] during extent allocation caused by bug 8198906
Bug:9713537  Message file change for ORA-600
Bug:9714832  Message file change for ORA-7445
  • PSU Note:https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&id=9952234.8
  • Known Issues:https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&id=1230884.1
  • PSU Note:https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&id=9952230.8
  • Known Issues:https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&id=1230855.1

同时10.2.0.5已经被confirm成为10g release 2的Final Patch Set: – Patch Set #4, List of fixes: Note 1088172.1 ==> Last Patch Set – Patch Set Update (PSU 1): Note 9952230.8







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