Will Goldengate use Remote Procedure Call (RPC)?

My Customer using Oracle GoldenGate to sync data from RAC (on Solaris 10 SPRAc 64bit) to standalone DB (On solaris Sparc 64bit). My customer recently doing an OS security scan check for node of RAC. The security scan check result saying the RAC node (HK8SP226) has a potential security issue on “rpcstatd: RPC statd remote file creation and removal”. My customer suspect that Goldengate is using RPC for file transfer. Would you please help to check if goldengate need to use RPC or not? if goldengate dont need to use RPC, then i will ask my csutomer to close this function in server

Supplementory information for security check result.


hk8sp226 {} Solaris
rpcstatd: RPC statd remote file creation and removal
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) statd maintains state information in cooperation with RPC lockd to provide crash and recovery
functionality for file locking across the Network File System (NFS). Statd does not validate information received from a remote lockd.
By sending to the statd service an RCP or RDIST request including references to the parent directory (“..”), an attacker can provide
false information to the rpc.statd file, allowing the creation of a file in an arbitrary directory on the host. This can be used to overwrite
pre-existing files or create new files on the host.

Oracle GoldenGate transfers trail files over TCP/IP to the remote host which internally uses RPC for transferring the data to remote. You could let customer know about it and could exclude it from hardening.






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