What is the reality speed of PRM-DUL unload Oracle Datbase and how to speed up it ?

My questions are:
1. How fast the PRM-DUL can unload huge data ?

For example, if I have a database corrupted with 2TB data, how fast the PRM-DUL can finish scan and unload ?

Does anyone have reality experience ? And how about 10TB and 20TB size ?

I just want to describe the general speed of PRM-DUL and help my team to evaluate the PRM-DUL project duration in future;
2. Another question, is there any method to quicken the PRM-DUL unload speed ? I am aware following points:

a) Separate whole task into several small task, if need to unload database, we can separate into schemas and unload in different session parallel;

b) Import parallel
These is all my questions, anyone has reality experience please help to share, and any other tips/experience on PRM-DUL is helpful too.






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