Oracle recover object ORA00600: internal error code, arguments: [ktspScanInitd], [58759497],

Question: what is the 2nd argument? [58759497]
No nightly exports/datapumps we have nightly RMAN backups.
There is a known Oracle Bug 11791664 with inconsistent metadata in ASSM segments with NO workarounds listed


The object is in a specific tablespace (REPORTING) separate from our main tablespaces

DBMS_REPAIR.CHECK_OBJECT fails with the same error
Exp fails with the same error
create table as select from fails with same error
I know I can restore the production database to a copy on another server but other than that what are my options here? Can I recover just the tablespace or will that regenerate the same problem once the tablespace is recovered?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


I have never seen this error, so everything below are just assumptions:
In case the BUG only affects the write into the data file, but not it’s
corresponding data in redo / archive, you have a chance you can export the
data there. Please
ask Oracle Support for details on this BUG.
there is a tool called BBED to edit blocks in data files directly. I don’t
know if it can handle your problem I’ve
never done it.
there are some DUL (Data UnLoader) [e.g. ] tools
available which export data directly from datafiles. maybe they can unload
data even with broken ASSM data.


There are probably more ways to address this problem.







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