Oracle Partitioning分区技术历年新特性回顾

Partitioning分区是Oracle一种重要的处理大量数据的特性,从Oracle 8开始引入range partition范围分区,到现在11g中出现的Interval Partition、REF Partitions、Partition Advisor等new feature,分区技术在一步步走向成熟。



下表列出了从Oracle 8到11g的各历史版本中出现的分区特性:


Core functionality Performance Manageability
Oracle8 Range partitioning “Static” partition pruning Basic maintenance operations: add, drop, exchange
Global range indexes
Oracle8i Hash and composite range-hash partitioning Partition-wise joins Merge operation
“Dynamic” pruning
Oracle9i List partitioning
Global index maintenance
Oracle9i R2 Composite range-list partitioning Fast partition split
Oracle10g Global hash indexes
Local Index maintenance
Oracle10g R2 1M partitions per table “Multi-dimensional” pruning Fast drop table
Oracle Database 11g More composite choices
Interval Partitioning
REF Partitioning Partition Advisor
Virtual Column Partitioning


复合分区(Composite Partitioning)最早在版本8i中被引入(Range-Hash),是一种二维的模式分区技术; 在11g中进一步扩展了Composite Partitioning,11g 支持RANGE-RANGE、 RANGE-LIST、LIST-LIST、LIST-HASH等几种模式。 其中RANGE-RANGE是我们久违了的,很多初学分区概念的同学都会惊讶于11g以前居然没有RANGE-RANGE分区可用。


Range List Hash
Range 11g 9i 8i
List 11g 11g 11g







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