Oracle ORA-00600 [25027] ORA-600 [25027]

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Format: ORA-600 [25027] [a] [b]

versions 9.2 and above
An invalid Tablespace Number (TSN) and/or Relative File Number (RFN) has been found

Arg [a] Tablespace Number (TSN)
Arg [b] Decimal Relative Data Block Address (RDBA)

Kernel File management Tablespace component



1. If the Arg [b] (the RDBA) is 0 (zero), then this could be due to fake indexes.

The following query will list fake indexes:

select do.owner,do.object_name, do.object_type,sysind.flags
from dba_objects do, sys.ind$ sysind
where do.object_id = sysind.obj#
and bitand(sysind.flags,4096)=4096;


If the above query returns any rows, check the objects involved and consider dropping them as they can cause this error.

Run analyze table validate structure on the table referenced in the Current SQL statement in
the related trace file.

If the Known Issues section below does not help in terms of identifying
a solution, please submit the trace files and alert.log to Oracle
Support Services for further analysis.
Known Issues:
Known Bugs


NB Bug Fixed Description
14010183,,, ORA-600 [ktspfundo:objdchk_kcbgcur_3] in SMON after failed temp segment merge load
13503554, Various ORA-600 errors crashing the apply process in a downstreams environment
13785716, Intermittent ORA-600 [25027] during upgrade from 10.2 to 11.2
11661824 Assorted Dumps by SQL*LOADER using DIRECT and PARALLEL after exadata bp8 is applied
10067246 ORA-600 [25027] ORA-7445 [kauxs_do_dml_cooperation] by CREATE INDEX ONLINE
14138130,,, SGA memory corruption / ORA-7445 when modifying uncompressed blocks of an HCC-compressed segment
13330018, ora-600 [ktspfmb_add1], [4294959240] occurred, then cannot recover with ora-600[25027]
13103913,,,, ORA-600 [25027] [ts#] [1] or false ORA-1 during dml while index is being rebuilt online
10394825, ORA-600[25027] [..] [0] inserting to ASSM segment
10329146,,,,,, Lost write in ASM with multiple DBWs and a disk is offlined and then onlined
+ 10209232,,,,,, ORA-1578 / ORA-600 [3020] Corruption. Misplaced Blocks and Lost Write in ASM
+ 9399991,,,, Assorted Internal Errors and Dumps (mostly under kkpa*/kcb*) from SQL against partitioned tables
* 9145541,,, OERI[25027]/OERI[4097]/OERI[4000]/ORA-1555 in plugged datafile after CREATE CONTROLFILE in 11g
8837919, DBV / RMAN enhanced to detect ASSM blocks with ktbfbseg but not ktbfexthd flag set as in Bug 8803762
8803762,,,, ORA-600[kdsgrp1], ORA-600[25027] or wrong results on 11g database upgrade from 9i
8716064, Analyze Table Validate Structure fails on ADG standby with several errors
+ 8597106,, Lost Write in ASM when normal redundancy is used
7251049,, Corruption in bitmap index introduced when using transportable tablespaces
8437213,,, ASSM first level bitmap block corruption
8356966 ORA-7445 [kdr9ir2rst] by DBMS_ADVISOR or false ORA-1498 by ANALYZE on COMPRESS table
* 8198906, OERI [kddummy_blkchk] / OERI [5467] for an aborted transaction of allocating extents
* 7263842,,, ORA-955 during CTAS / OERI [ktsircinfo_num1] / dictionary inconsistency for PARTITIONED Tables
6666915,, OERI[25027] / dictionary corruption from concurrent partition DDL
6025993, ORA-600 [25027] in flashback archiving queries
4925342,, OERI [25027] / OERI [25012] on IOT analyze estimate statistics
* 7190270, Various ORA-600 errors / dictionary inconsistency from CTAS / DROP
4310371, OERI [25027] from concurrent startup / shutdown in RAC
4177651 Row migration within a MERGE may OERI[25027]
4020195, OERI 25027 can occur in RAC accessing transported tablespace
4000840,, Update of a row with more than 255 columns can cause block corruption
3963135, OERI[kcbgcur_3] / OERI:25027 during bitmap index updates
3829900, OERI[25027] possible accessing index in 10g
2942185,, Corruption occurs on direct path load into IOT with ADDED columns
3085057 ORA-600: [25027] from ALTER TABLE .. SHRINK SPACE CASCADE
2926182, OERI[25027] / ORA-22922 accessing LOB columns in IOT in AFTER UPDATE trigger







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