Oracle OHASD起不来怎么办

There are many reasons why ohasd can fail to start. This document provides some details to find out what is going wrong. It is applicable to
CRS under Linux X64, though some sections described here can apply to other platforms and are marked as 'generic'.
In each case you will need to make the requested changes and rerun the script. If prompts to say that
| CRS is already configured on this node for crshome=0 Cannot configure
| two CRS instances on the same cluster.
| Please deconfigure before proceeding with the configuration of new home.
then you must run the deconfigure setup before rerunning
The deconfigure process is described in Note 942166.1
1. "ohasd failed to start: Inappropriate ioctl for device":
Please reference Note 1069182.1 for troubleshooting "OHASD Failed to Start".
Actually the "ioctl for device" part of the message looks relevant but is in fact a red herring.
This is unpublished bug 9648820, fixed in (unpublished bug 10122468)
2. Many known causes is listed in note 1050908.1, refer to Section "Case 1: OHASD.BIN does not start" of the note for details.
3. CRS-4124, CRS-4000 could be due to have configured IPv6 instead of IPv4. Problem described on Bug 9065141 (Closed, Not a bug).
IPv6 is not supported with 11GR2 release of RAC. Reference:
Configure IPv4 as indicated on "Oracle Clusterware Installation Guide" and restart a new fresh installation
Notice that IPv4 and IPv6 can coexist on moderm systems, so you don't need to disable IPv6, just do not use it for RAC configurations
4. Check if init.ohasd is running (generic)
init.ohasd is used to control ohasd (which runs as a binary 'ohasd.bin').
If init.ohasd is not running ohasd won't be able to start.
# ps -ef | grep init.ohasd
root 14324 1 0 Jul16 ? 00:00:00 /bin/sh /etc/init.d/init.ohasd run
init.ohasd is spawned by an entry in /etc/inittab. This is picked up when the machine boots. The scripts run by will create an entry in /etc/inittab
and then call init ( to start init.ohasd.
If you have no init.ohasd running then
check /etc/inittab contains
h1:35:respawn:/etc/init.d/init.ohasd run >/dev/null 2>&1 






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