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The “Echo Chamber” is a new global initiative by Oracle Global Customer Programs for the user group leaders, where Oracle aims to leverage the voice of our users and ask the leaders to blog about a certain topic. The idea is to streamline the blogging with the 6 weekly global user group leader calls, so we build some momentum towards this call and share the blogs with all the user groups. This will bring insight on users’ opinions.

The topic we focus on now is Engineered Systems (global call on 30 April)

Feel free to share below blogs with your networks.

Remember to regularly take a look at the User group Twitter account, , where you will find even more great content to SHARE or RETWEET on your own social feeds.

Call for social media content:
There are so many interesting Oracle-related events happening all over the world! It would be a shame not to share them with our audiences on the social media.

For the next topic, we are looking for blogs on cloud. If you would like to participate, please contact [email protected]before May 5th













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