Oracle发布Solaris 11- First Cloud OS

在东部时间2011年11月9日上午Oracle发布了其最新的操作系统产品(OS Product)- Solaris 11正式版,在甲骨文公司的宣传资料里Solaris 11被誉为第一个云操作系统(First Cloud OS)。


Oracle Solaris 11为大规模云计算环境和企业数据中心提供了突破性的安全性和服务部署的灵活性等特点。



在Solaris 11正式版中你会发现简化系统的生命周期管理、透过内置的虚拟化优化性能、节约数据管理的成本、部署安全的云架构是如此的简单。完全集成的新特性,包括 Oracle Solaris Zones 和网络虚拟化功能,使共有或私有云的迅速部署成为可能。管理员可以简化从应用程序开发到生产环境的整个软件生命周期管理,并且您的生意会从云的2个关键优势:敏捷和低维护成本那里受益。



在Solaris 11 中探索由其技术革新给您的企业级应用程序,带来的高级安全性、容错、服务高可用性和可扩展的数据管理模式。Oracle Solaris 11为您的生意能够可靠、安全、高效地运行定下标准。Oracle Solaris 11通过保证2进制程序能够兼容运行有效保护了企业的商业投资。使用Solaris Cluster和硬件故障管理系统保证应用的持续高可用。 Solaris 11将无缝地随着您的生意而扩展,且不产生任何额外的费用。



Oracle Solaris 11 是在您的数据中心内能够提供最高级别性能与价格比的重要一环。在开发过程中已对Solaris 11充分优化,以使其能够充分利用硬件的革新,包括CPU、内存、I/O子系统的优势,并将这些创新转化到Oracle大量的软件组合中。


现在只需要注册一个OTN账号就可以从下载到Solaris 11的安装介质了。


Solaris 分成 For Sparc 和 For x86 2个版本。



除了Text install 的介质外(for x86 or SPARC systems without graphic display, mostly server installs) , 还有:

  • Automated Installation(hands free network install for multiple client systems that have custom installation manifests.)
  • Live Media CD (for x86 systems with graphic display, mostly workstation installs)
  • Repository Image( 完全的软件包镜像)
  • USB Install Images for x86
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Preflight Application Checker



Solaris 11的特性

Solaris 11 正式版在 11 Express的基础上增强了以下特性:

  • Automated Installer (AI)
  • System Configuration (SC)
  • Image Packaging System (IPS)
  • Zones
  • Networking Enhancements
  • Network Virtualization and Resource Control


Automated Installer (AI)
The Automated Installer is used to automate the install of Solaris on one or more SPARC or x86 machines over a network. The installations can differ in architecture, packages installed, disk capacity, and other parameters. AI, in its WAN-capable design provides operational flexibility and leverages some of Solaris’ best features such as ZFS, SMF, IPS and Zones versus the old Jumpstart install method. It is designed to be manageable and observable and fully customizable using AI manifests and SC profiles.

System Configuration (SC)
The new System Configuration configures a Solaris instance. It replaces the legacy sysid tools. This table maps the old sysid tool to the new SC method of configuring the system. We will discuss all of these new items in this course including SC profiles, the SCI tool, the SMF services for configuration and the sysconfig command.

Image Packaging System (IPS)
New Features – Linked Images
Non-global zones (NGZs) need to be updated and kept in sync with the global zone (GZ)
Configuration – NGZs need to know which publishers must be configured
Communication – NGZs need access to the GZ’s publishers
Constraints – The GZ imposes constraints on which packages and package versions the NGZ can use

Networking Enhancements
What Is It?

  • Network Configuration Profiles
  • Network Configuration CLI
  • Network Layers Administration
  • New PMP re-architecture
  • New IP tunneling implementation
  • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
  • Layer-2 Bridging
  • IP Host Model Configuration






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