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  • Oracle Internal Errors – ORA-600, ORA-60*
  • Core dumps – ORA-7445
  • Signals – SEGV, SIGBUS
  • ORA-4020 – Deadlock detected while trying to lock a library object.
  • ORA-8103 – Object no longer exists. The object has been deleted by another user since the operation began, or a prior incomplete recovery restored the database to a point in time during the deletion of the object.
  • ORA-1410 – Invalid ROWID
  • ORA-1578 – ORACLE data block corrupted, mostly due to software errors. The file#, block# will be displayed.
  • ORA-29740 – This member was evicted from the group by another member of the cluster database for one of several reasons, which may include a communications error in the cluster, failure to issue a heartbeat to the control file, etc. The member doing the evicting and the group incarnation will be displayed.
  • ORA-255 – Database is not mounted. Database must be mounted to perform ALTER SYSTEM UNQUIESCE command.
  • ORA-376 – File cannot be read at this time. Attempting to read from a file that is not readable. Most likely the file is offline.
  • ORA-4030 – Out of process memory when trying to allocate more bytes because the operating system process private memory has been exhausted.
  • ORA-4031 – Unable to allocate more bytes of shared memory because more shared memory is needed than was allocated in the shared pool.
  • ORA-355 – The change numbers are out of order. A change number found in the redo log is lower than a previously encountered change number. The log is corrupted in some way.
  • ORA-356 – Inconsistent lengths in change description. A change record in the redo log contains lengths that do not add up to a consistent value. The log is corrupted in some way.
  • ORA-353 – There is a log corruption near a block, change, and time Some type of redo log corruption has been discovered. This error describes the location of the corruption.







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