ORA-1624与redo log损坏





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当数据库处于打开状态下多个redo logfile中的一个损坏了,则可能出现如下的错误信息:

ORA-16038 log %s sequence# %s cannot be archived
ORA-354 corrupt redo log block header
ORA-353 log corruption near block <num> change <str >time <str>
ORA-367 checksum error in log file header
ORA-368 checksum error in redo log block


[oracle@mlab2 ~]$ oerr ora 16038
16038, 00000, “log %s sequence# %s cannot be archived”
// *Cause: An attempt was made to archive the named file, but the
// file could not be archived. Examine the secondary error
// messages to determine the cause of the error.
// *Action: No action is required.


其他场景下可以通过drop redo logfile来绕过,但是如果对应的redo logfile是被crash/instance recovery 所需要则无法drop掉。

在线的redo logfile 可能无法drop的2个原因是:

  • 仅仅只有2组redo logfile
  • 受损坏的redo log file属于当前日志组

针对上述描述的问题可以考虑通过clear logfile 的方式来解决,如:



alter database clear <unarchived> logfile group <integer>;
alter database clear <unarchived> logfile '<filename>';
alter database clear logfile group 1;
alter database clear unarchived logfile group 1;


对于v$LOG中status=CURRENT或者status=ACTIVE的在线redo logfile一般是clear不掉的,会报一个错误:


oerr ora 01624
01624, 00000, “log %s needed for crash recovery of instance %s (thread %s)”
// *Cause: A log cannot be dropped or cleared until the thread’s checkpoint
// has advanced out of the log.
// *Action: If the database is not open, then open it. Crash recovery will
// advance the checkpoint. If the database is open force a global
// checkpoint. If the log is corrupted so that the database cannot
// be opened, it may be necessary to do incomplete recovery until
// cancel at this log.


注意用户不应当把’alter database clear logfile’拿来经常使用,由此而引发的缺失归档日志,会导致完全恢复变得不可能。在执行clear logfile后迅速做全库的备份吧!








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