know more about ‘CSS initialization’

know more about ‘CSS initialization’


‘CSS initialization’ and other CSS registration events takes 8 seconds.
If the slaves write to disk, then they need to register with CSS. This is unavoidable.
If PCIX is run twice, the first run will do CSS registration. PCIX takes 20 seconds.
The second run will not do CSS registration, PCIX takes 12 seconds.
So we estimate CSS registration takes 8 seconds
The resolution is to run PCIX twice, and use second run’s results.


Customer is facing the DB performance slow issues.database response is very
slow due to which many of online transactions are declining & high CPU
utilization the server .
Experiencing a high number of CSS initialization and CSS operation action
wait events.even after applying the patch 11069614


Excessive CSS registrations were caused by SELECT statements that were doinghash joins, running out of PGA memory and spilling to disk (direct write totemp), thus needing to register with CSS. This is expected behavior.






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