kdBlkCheckError本质上是 Kernel Data Block Check Error, 是对数据块的逻辑检测配合db_block_checking的存在,当db_block_checking!=false 且其发现了一个损坏,则报一个ORA-600 [kddummy_blkchk] / ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError] . 进一步的损坏/坏块将被终止


例如检测代码23001 代表Wrong total extent count。

如果出现ORA-00600[kdBlkCheckError]则一般是ORACLE 软件BUG  或者内存存在讹误。


与该ORA-00600[kdBlkCheckError]错误相关的Bug Note如下:


NB Bug Fixed Description
17447078, Diagnostic enhancement for ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError] .. [18007] errors
14400110, Bad redo / ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError] .. [6135] for opcode 19.1 redo
12349316, DBMS_SPACE_ADMIN.TABLESPACE_FIX_BITMAPS fails with ORA-600 [kddummy_blkchk] / ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError] / ORA-607
14351566,,, ORA-600 [kclchkblk_4] when doing flash back
16347904, Corrupt block with check code 6101, 6110 or 6255 on compressed table with DML workload
17325413 Drop column with DEFAULT value and NOT NULL definition ends up with dropped column data hitting disk leading to corruption
14741727,,,, Fixes for bug 12326708 and 14624146 can cause problems – backout fix
14551844, ORA-600 [kdblkcheckerror] [6126] / ORA-600 [17182] for DELETE / INSERT (QMD / QMI) in COMPRESS BASIC table due to negative avsp
13804294,,, Internal errors, corruptions, using pipelined function whose rows raise exceptions
13715932, CREATE TABLE fails with ORA-600 [kddummy_blkchk] with large datafile
* 13605839,,, ORA-600 [ktbsdp1] ORA-600 [kghfrempty:ds]. Corruption in Rollback with Clusterwide Global Transactions in RAC
12417369,,,, Block corruption from rollback on compressed table
* 10205230,,,,, ORA-600 / corruption possible during shutdown in RAC
10180121, ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError] .. [6251] / block corruption during parallel DML
+ 9724970,,,, Block Corruption with PDML UPDATE. ORA_600 [4511] OERI[kdblkcheckerror] by block check
* 9711859,,, ORA-600 [ktsptrn_fix-extmap] / ORA-600 [kdblkcheckerror] during extent allocation caused by bug 8198906
9541485, Create materialized view on views based on CON$ fails with ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError]
* 9406607,,, Corrupt blocks in 11.2 in table with unique key. OERI[kdBlkCheckError] by block check
9295217, ORA-600 [ktsk_dba_to_hwm-1] / corruption during SHRINK of HWM
+ 9019113,, ORA-600 [17182] for OLTP COMPRESS table in OLTP Compression REDO during RECOVERY
8720802,,, Add check for row piece pointing to itself (db_block_checking,dbv,rman,analyze)
* 8331063, Corrupt Undo. ORA-600 [2015] during rollback in undo block for COMPRESS table with SUPPLEMENTAL LOGGING
8277580,,, Corruption on compressed tables during Recovery and Quick Multi Delete (QMD).
6523037,,,, Corruption / ORA-600 [kddummy_blkchk] [6110] on update
8437213,,, ASSM first level bitmap block corruption
8360192, ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError] [6110] / corruption from insert
* 8198906, OERI [kddummy_blkchk] / OERI [5467] for an aborted transaction of allocating extents
7715244, Corruption on compressed tables. Error codes 6103 / 6110






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