How to Engage Oracle DUL

If you cannot recover data by yourself, ask Parnassusdata, the professional ORACLE database recovery team for help.

Parnassusdata Software Database Recovery Team

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This document details the steps that need to be taken to engage to begin the process for performing DUL on one or more database

DUL (Data recovery UnLoader) is used to scan a database file, recognize table header blocks, access extent information, and read all rows. It places the
unloaded data into a flat file to be subsequently loaded back into a database.

DUL should be considered the last resort for customer data issues.

Before following the DUL engagment process, detailed supporting information that verfies DUL is required must be clearly documented and validated in a
Service Request by an Support analyst.

Additional information on DUL:

  • Pricing: Pricing is to be discussed between the Sales Rep. and the customer only. However, it should be noted that DUL service is no
  • longer a “Flat Fee” based service and there are different pricing options available.
  • Service Delivery: DUL does Not require on-site support. Currently, about 95% of all DUL services are delivered remotely.






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