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My Oracle supports现在可以使用High Contrast高对比度界面设置功能了,目前提供2种选项:Black Text on White或者White Text on Black。个人比较喜欢黑底白字这类高对比度的界面,不过感觉现在这个White Text on Black还有待微调:


这次的高亮界面因该是My Oracle Support Release 5.2 Upgrade升级中客户体验改善的一部分:

Prepare for My Oracle Support Release 5.2 [ID 1245514.1]

What is being announced?

Oracle Global Customer Support is pleased to announce that on October 29, 2010, My Oracle Support was upgraded to Release 5.2.

This upgrade is part of Oracle’s ongoing commitment to improving your support experience and providing a single integrated support platform across all products. My Oracle Support Release 5.2 will integrate Sun systems, processes, and tools into the My Oracle Support and Global Single Instance (GSI) infrastructure. Our goal is to consolidate systems and utilize global best practices, as well as provide a number of requested enhancements for existing My Oracle Support users. Although Release 5.2 enables Sun functionality, Sun customers and employees will not fully migrate to My Oracle Support until the weekend of December 10-12, 2010.

Below are some of the enhancements included in My Oracle Support Release 5.2. Comprehensive release notes covering all updates will be available soon under the News section on your My Oracle Support Dashboard.

Improvements to Knowledge Search
The new version of My Oracle Support incorporates a set of easy-to-use, quick-action features that enable customers to more quickly find the self-help knowledge they need.

Oracle has added the capability to filter knowledge based on the products in an uploaded configuration or from a Support Identifier number, thereby targeting searches for greater efficiency and relevance. We are enabling this through PowerView functionality; for more information, please review the recorded training titled Using PowerView in My Oracle Support located in Note 603505.1.

We have also made improvements to the Related Knowledge Search Results that are returned during the Service Request (SR) creation process. We have improved the precision of articles you are shown and we have added My Oracle Support Community content to the Service Request knowledge search. These improvements will help bring you the most relevant information that can help solve your SR.

Another knowledge search feature included in this release of My Oracle Support is Automated Search Expansion. For example, a term such as db will automatically include the word database in the search keywords to bring another level of user-friendliness and relevance to the process.

Finally, users have the ability to search any combination of the Knowledge Base, Archived Articles, Bug Database, Communities, or Documentation categories. This functionality provides users with the flexibility to filter knowledge even more precisely.

Checking Version Certification
Do you need to see if Oracle has certified your product versions to work together? The My Oracle Support Certify process has been dramatically updated, making the verification of product version compatibility much easier for specific product lines.

Choose your SR Severity
Users have the ability to set their own Service Request severity levels (1, 2, 3, or 4) in My Oracle Support Release 5.2.

Additional Features

* Enhanced Knowledge Management functionality and bug fixes
* Improved health checks with Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) data
* Patch recommendations via Oracle Configuration Manager for specific product lines

What do you need to do?

* Be aware that My Oracle Support is upgraded to Release 5.2 and become familiar with the new features now available.
* Please review Note 875942.1 and attend one of the upcoming live webinars covering Support Tools and Processes. Alternately, you may watch one of the recorded training viewlets available as part of your Oracle Support contract.
* You can also check out the Communities link within My Oracle Support for targeted help from Oracle engineers and customers.
* If you plan on upgrading any of your Oracle products soon, please take a look at Note 250.1 and check out the new Upgrade Advisors pages available to help with specific upgrade paths.

Who to contact for more information?
Click on the “Contact Us” button at the top of the My Oracle Support dashboard page for feedback and assistance from your Oracle support team.






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    My Oracle Support Release Notes


    These release notes list the important new features of My Oracle Support 5.2 as well as important bug fixes and known issues in this release.

    Please view the My Oracle Support Frequently Asked Questions document for general information about My Oracle Support not contained in these release notes.

    Bug Fixes and Enhancements for My Oracle Support 5.2


    Users can specify accessibility styles, for example white on black or black on white, on the MOS Flash landing page.


    • The Certifications tab has been redesigned to be more intuitive resulting in quicker, more productive searches.
    • The Tips for Finding Certifications link, in the Quick Links region provides useful tips for searching for certifications and a table with links to certification information for various product lines, for example Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, and PeopleSoft Enterprise.

    Service Request (SRs)

    • Hardware Service Request option added, including:
    • Asset Name
    • Serial Number
    • Service Address
    • Field Service Tasks Viewing
    • Users can select serial numbers based on hosts
  2. Partners can create service requests and specify the end customer Support Identifier (Support ID):
    • Two new contact fields; Alternate and end-customer contact.
    • End Customer Service Request list region added.
  3. Partners can grant privileges such as View Only and No Access for end customer users.
  4. Partners can filter the Service Request region using a subset of the end customer’s Support ID.
  5. Hardware Support IDs can be auto-approved.
  6. Serial number field added to SR Profile.
  7. Customer selectable radio button for SR Severity added.
  8. Non Technical SRs (Feedback SRs) have changed to Contact Us SRs and now use full SR templates.
  9. Settings

    • Support ID custom description field added. You must be a Customer User Administrator to edit this field.
    • Users can view assets.
    • Audit Table for user administration changes added.
    • Customer User Administrators can set privileges during new user approval.
    • Two new Hot Topics options: bug updates and patch updates.
    • Customer User Administration of assets added.
    • Customer User Administration, Pending ASR (Automatic Service Requests) requests added.

    Hardware Support Specific Changes

    • Support Identifier lookup added to Account & Privileges. Users can lookup Support IDs by serial number.
    • Customer User Administrator setup Wizard added to set default privileges and set auto-approval.
    • View and Update Assets added asset name, address, coverage end dates, technical contacts, Automatic Service Request settings (ASR).
    • Pending ASR requests added.
    • The Task: Pending ASR Assets region is available to Customer User Administrators from the Dashboard tab.
    • Export Support Identifier/Asset details added.
    • Field Service tasks now visible for Hardware Service Requests
    • Proactive Hardware Services tab added.
    • Sun Inventory Report available.

    Health Recommendations

    • New Support Policy Health check for status changes such as end of patch creation for release added.
    • Patching Health check now looks for missing patchsets.

    Patches & Updates

    • Upgrade Planner added for Oracle Database.
    • Patch Plan – WGET script generator added.


    • Advance Search – term exclusion added.
    • Ability to search within SR Creation includes Community results added.
    • Powerview support in search for Product or Product Line filtering added.

    Known Issues for My Oracle Support


    If your browser language preference is set to Japanese, Chinese, or Korean and you choose English on the MOS landing page, MOS may appear in the language to which your browser is set. If this happens, set the browser language to English.


    • Browser Back Button
      The browser back button might take you back further than expected. Use the My Oracle Support screen controls such as bread crumbs to return to previously viewed screens.
    • Knowledge Browse Bread Crumbs
      When you use the Product Browser on the Knowledge tab, the bread crumb trail for the specified product reflects only refinements performed on this page.

    Patches & Updates

    • Upgrade Advisor and Upgrade Assistant
      The Upgrade Advisor and Upgrade Assistant is not currently available.


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