Exadata V2 Oracle-Sun Database Machine数据库一体机

以下是Maclean.Liu所编写或收集的有关Exadata V2 Oracle-sun Database Machine(DBM)数据库一体机的汇总文章列表:





Oracle Exadata v2的价格
Exadata V2 Pricing
Exadata Server Hardware Details
My Opinion On Exadata V2
Warning:Even Exadata has a wrong memlock setting
Oracle Exadata Database Recommended Patch (BP3) for Bug 10387939
Exadata Database Machine Host的操作系统OS版本
数据仓库:Oracle Exadata和Netezza的比较
Exadata Smart Flash Logging新特性
Database Appliance并非Mini版的Exadata-还原真实的Oracle Unbreakable Database Appliance
Oracle Sun Exadata V2 ,X2-2,X2-8 主要配置对比
Exadata X2-2 vs EMC Greenplum DCA vs Netezza TwinFin 12主要配置大对比
Booting Exadata!
I/O Resource Management with Exadata
Exadata. Are you ready?
Database Machine & Exadata Storage
Oracle Exadata Overview
Exadata and Database Machine 11.2
Exadata MAA Best Practices Series Using DBFS on Exadata (Use Cases and Performance Expectations)
Teradata to Exadata Migration Methodology
Exadata V2 Sun Oracle Database Machine
Updates on New Exadata Pricing & Packaging
Exadata MAA Best Practices Series Session:Exadata Backup and Recovery
Maximizing Database Application Performance with Flash and Solid State Disks (SSDs)
Extreme Performance with Oracle Data Warehousing






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      一体机 ,现在听到这个 总是想到屏幕和机箱整合的一体机……..

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