Exadata Sun Infiniband初识

Exadata infiniband的默认root密码一般是welcome1:



# nm2version
(Note: The command ‘nm2version’ is deprecated and will be removed from future
releases. Please use ‘version’ instead)

SUN DCS 36p version: 1.3.3-2
Build time: Apr 4 2011 11:15:19
SP board info:
Manufacturing Date: 2010.04.24
Serial Number: “XXXXXX”
Hardware Revision: 0x0005
Firmware Revision: 0x0000
BIOS version: SUN0R100
BIOS date: 06/22/2010




[root@dmibsw01 ~]# grep server  /etc/ntp.conf


[root@dmibsw01 ~]# ibswitches
Switch : 0x0021286cc7e2a0a0 ports 36 “SUN DCS 36P QDR dmibsw01uc.com” enhanced port 0 lid 1 lmc 0
Switch : 0x002128b7ac44c0a0 ports 36 “SUN IB QDR GW switch ibsw03” enhanced port 0 lid 63 lmc 0
Switch : 0x002128b7f744c0a0 ports 36 “SUN IB QDR GW switch ibsw02” enhanced port 0 lid 64 lmc 0
Switch : 0x0021284692d4a0a0 ports 36 “SUN DCS 36P QDR dmibsw02uc.com” enhanced port 0 lid 6 lmc 0
Switch : 0x00212846902ba0a0 ports 36 “SUN DCS 36P QDR dmibsw03uc.com” enhanced port 0 lid 3 lmc 0
Switch : 0x002128469c74a0a0 ports 36 “SUN DCS 36P QDR acslogicibsw01” enhanced port 0 lid 72 lmc 0

ibdiagnet -c 1000
Loading IBDIAGNET from: /usr/lib/ibdiagnet1.2
-W- Topology file is not specified.
Reports regarding cluster links will use direct routes.
Loading IBDM from: /usr/lib/ibdm1.2
-I- Using port 0 as the local port.
-I- Discovering … 39 nodes (6 Switches & 33 CA-s) discovered.
-I- Bad Guids/LIDs Info
-I- skip option set. no report will be issued

-I- Links With Logical State = INIT
-I- No bad Links (with logical state = INIT) were found

-I- PM Counters Info






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