If you cannot recover the data by yourself, ask Parnassusdata, the professional ORACLE database recovery team for help.

Parnassusdata Software Database Recovery Team


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DUL Data UnLoader Services organization, is the final stop in trying to recover data from a failed or unrecoverable database

Services Offered

DUL The Data Unloader tool was developed and is maintained by Bernard van Duijnen of Oracle Netherlands. DUL is a Data Recovery that is not supported outside of Oracle. DUL is a last ditch effort to recover data from failed databases. The Data Recovery is delivered by skilled Analysts. There is no guarantee that
the DUL will be successful. Data is recovered directly from failed datafiles; so the customer needs to understand that there may be a mismatch in recovered data. If
the DUL tool is used at the customer’s site it must be removed by the Analyst before leaving.


Benefits of the DUL – Data Unloader

  • DUL is a last ditch method to recover data from a failed database
  • Unloads data from tables and clusters from down database
  • Creates SQL*loader or export dump files
  • Recovers data directly from datafiles
  • Data/segment/extent info extracted from system file(s) if available
  • Data/segment/extent info available through user knowledge and scanning datafiles if system file(s) not available
  • Does dirty reads
  • Does not check whether media recovery has been done
  • DUL ignores corrupt blocks; but the data in those corrupt blocks will be lost. This is not a routine data export utility will not read uncommitted transactions. Therefore recovered data may be inconsistent.
  • Tested from v6 -> 12c
  • Works on 18 different platforms including Solaris, HPUX, Linux,NT and Windows
  • Works with ASM


Other Customer Issues

DUL customers make good support sales prospects. Make sure the customer know that DUL stops with the export files. This is a good time to
suggest customer use to reload the data.

This is a good time to explore customers use Assisted Services to review their Backup and Recovery’s methods. In those cases an Oracle engineer is assigned to the customer for a pre-determined period of time to deliver support services for the efficient and effective operations and management of Oracle software


DUL: Data Recovery UnLoader

  • Delivered only by Engineers
  • When all else fails
  • Recover data directly from datafiles
  • Database version 6 to 10g
  • 18 Different Operating systems
  • Works with ASM
  • Preformed Onsite or Remote
  • Not guaranteed this is a last ditch effort to recover the data
  • DUL engagement stops when the data is recovered from the datafiles
  • Recommend customer use Expert resource to rebuild database
  • Most of these customers are candidate’s for other services i.e. backup and recovery review






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