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[oracle@oel8 dirdat]$ oerr ora 1578

01578, 00000, “ORACLE data block corrupted (file # %s, block # %s)”

// *Cause:  The data block indicated was corrupted, mostly due to software

//          errors.

// *Action: Try to restore the segment containing the block indicated. This

//          may involve dropping the segment and recreating it. If there

//          is a trace file, report the errors in it to your ORACLE

//          representative


SQL> select * from scott.emp;

select * from scott.emp


ERROR at line 1:

ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 11, block # 34) ここのFILE#はRFNである

ORA-01110: data file 6:’/home/oracle/corrclass.dbf’   ここはAFNである



壊れたデータブロックractured Block:


Corrupt block relative dba: 0x0380e573 (file 14, block 58739)

Fractured block found during buffer read

Data in bad block –

type: 6 format: 2 rdba: 0x0380e573

last change scn: 0x0288.8e5a2f78 seq: 0x1 flg: 0x04

consistency value in tail: 0x00780601

check value in block header: 0x8739, computed block checksum: 0x2f00

spare1: 0x0, spare2: 0x0, spare3: 0x0


Reread of rdba: 0x0380e573 (file 14, block 58739) found same corrupted data



Corrupt block relative dba: 0x0380a58f (file 14, block 42383)

Bad check value found during buffer read

Data in bad block –

type: 6 format: 2 rdba: 0x0380a58f

last change scn: 0x0288.7784c5ee seq: 0x1 flg: 0x06

consistency value in tail: 0xc5ee0601

check value in block header: 0x68a7, computed block checksum: 0x2f00

spare1: 0x0, spare2: 0x0, spare3: 0x0


Reread of rdba: 0x0380a58f (file 14, block 42383) found same corrupted data




Corrupt block relative dba: 0x0d805a89 (file 54, block 23177)

Bad header found during buffer read

Data in bad block –

type: 6 format: 2 rdba: 0x0d805b08

last change scn: 0x0692.86dc08e3 seq: 0x1 flg: 0x04

consistency value in tail: 0x08e30601

check value in block header: 0x2a6e, computed block checksum: 0x0

spare1: 0x0, spare2: 0x0, spare3: 0x0


Reread of rdba: 0x0d805a89 (file 54, block 23177) found valid data




NB Bug Fixed Description
13804294,, Internal errors, corruptions, using pipelined function whose rows raise exceptions
11707302,,, Corruption from ASM crash during rebalance diskgroup. Misplaced Blocks
11659016, ORA-1578 against recently create tablespace that once was encrypted
+ 10209232,,,,,, ORA-1578 / ORA-600 [3020] Corruption. Misplaced Blocks and Lost Write in ASM
* 10205230,,,,, ORA-600 / corruption possible during shutdown in RAC
9965568 Block dumps are not formatted if there is a chkval error
9965085, ORA-1578 / ORA-8103 Temporary table block corruption / space wastage from PDML
9739664, ORA-1578 / ORA-26040 MANUAL RECOVER marks block as corrupt NOLOGGING in even if LOGGING is enabled
+ 9724970,,,, Block Corruption with PDML UPDATE. ORA_600 [4511] OERI[kdblkcheckerror] by block check
9407198, “LOG ERRORS INTO” can cause ORA-600 [kcb***] or hang scenarios
* 9406607,,, Corrupt blocks in 11.2 in table with unique key. OERI[kdBlkCheckError] by block check
* 8943287, ORA-1578 corrupt block with AUTH SQL*Net strings
* 8898852,,,, ORA-1578 Blocks misplaced in ASM when file created with compatible.asm < 11 and resized
8885304, ORA-7445 [ktu_format_nr] during RMAN CONVERT or Corrupt fractured block of UNDO tablespace datafile
* 8768374,,,, RFS in Standby with a wrong location for archived log corrupting/overwriting database files when max_connections > 1
8760225, Auto Block Media Recovery reports ORA-1578 on first query
8731617, ORA-1578 from DESCRIBE or CTAS even if table not accessed / ORA-959 from DBMS_STATS
8720802,,, Add check for row piece pointing to itself (db_block_checking,dbv,rman,analyze)
8493978, Reserve file descriptors for datafile access
P 12330911 12.1 EXADATA LSI firmware for lost writes
10025963, Block corruption of LOB blocks with checksum value but block has checksum disabled
8714541 ORA-1578 Corrupt Block in ASM with 0xbadfda7a after ASM block repair due to disk read error when ASM mirror is used
13101288 ORA-600, corruption or check errors dropping a column in a OLTP compressed table
+ 8354682 ORA-1578 – Blocks can be misplaced in ASM when there is IO error and AU > 1MB
+ 8339404,, ORA-1578 – Blocks can be misplaced in ASM during a REBALANCE
8227257 ORA-1578 corruption found after media recovery on encrypted datafile
7396077, RMAN does not differentiate NOLOGGING corrupt blocks that produce ORA-1578/ORA-26040
6471351,, ORA-1578 / ORA-26040 due to NOLOGGING after recovery despite of FORCE LOGGING
6674196,, OERI / buffer cache corruption using ASM, OCFS or any ksfd client like ODM
5515492, ORA-1578 corruption with Block Misplaced during ASM rebalance after IO error
5031712, DBV enhanced to report NOLOGGING corrupt blocks with DBV-201 instead of DBV-200
+ 4724358 ORA-27045 ORA-1578 ORA-27047 corruption caused by DBMS_LDAP
4684074, OERI:510 / block corruption (ORA-1578) with DB_BLOCK_CHECKING
4655520,, Block corrupted during write not noticed
4411228,, ORA-1578 Block misplaced with mixture of file system and RAW files
4344935, OERI from DML on TEMPORARY TABLE after autonomous TRUNCATE
7381632 ORA-1578 Free corrupt blocks may not be reformatted when Flashback is enabled
8976928 ORA-1578 caused by a former free corrupt block and remains unformatted
8684999 ORA-1578 caused by a former free corrupt block and remains unformatted
+ 3544995,, LOB segments with “CACHE READS” generate no REDO even with the logging option
+ 1281962 Media recovery after ORA-1578 on rollback can cause logical inconsistency
589855, ORA:1578 or ORA:8103 selecting invalid ROWID
406863,, ORA-1578 using PQ with heavy simultaneous INSERTS
P 707304 AIX: Resizing RAW datafile can corrupt a DB block
603502,, Possible Corruption if a session with LOOPBACK DB Links aborts.







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